Myers Controls is an established HVAC distribution company in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. But, how did it all start out?


It all started with a gentleman by the name of Fred Myers. He started his HVAC career with Pacific Controls in downtown Vancouver, BC in the early 1950s. It was here that Fred got his first taste of parts distribution and HVAC controls.


With the 1960s came a desire within Fred to do even more with what he was learning. He was able to fulfill that desire by moving over to Century Sales where he headed up their brand new Controls Division.


Time continued to press forward, and as it did, Fred's desire to grow within his career path grew as well. But when a person is working for someone else, no matter how great the relationship is, you can only go so far. With this knowledge, along with the experience he had attained, Fred decided it was time for him to strike out on his own. Thus, in 1978, Myers Controls & Equipment was born.


As with any company in its infancy, Myers Controls started off small and humble. However, as the customer base grew, Fred saw the need to grow with it. Eventually, Fred began to look for someone who could help sell the Midco burners that were in his warehouse and to supervise all the burner troubleshooting and sales calls he was getting. It was at this time that another gentleman, named Armand Viger, was in the process of looking for someone that needed help selling Fireye flame safeguard controls, a personal favorite of his. The different desires of these two men soon led them to meeting each other. Armand knew Fred sold Fireye. Fred knew Armand had a rich history in burners. So, in February 1991, Armand Viger came on board at Myers Controls.


Time continued to pass, and the company continued to grow. New employees were hired, new products were stocked, and new directions were taken. But, as time moved on, Fred's desire for change began to grow again. This time, however, he was desiring to take a step back, to retire. With time and conversation, it was decided that Armand would buy the company and become the new owner. So, in March 2003, Myers Controls began anew.


Today, Myers Controls is well known throughout British Columbia as a one stop shop for contractors. We are known for being able to get the 'hard to find' parts, for having product in stock, and for our ability to test flame safeguard equipment on site. People know us for the quality products we carry and for the knowledge and experience our staff have. It has taken decades to build this reputation, and it is one that we are very proud of.


There have been many changes over the years, and no doubt there will be many more to come. But one thing that has never changed is who Myers Controls is here for: You, the HVAC contractor. We do not sell to the general public. This policy allows us to devote 100% of our time and energy to you and only you. We invite you to come in, call us, visit our website, in other words, we invite you to find out for yourself how we can become 'The Source You Trust'.