For decades, Myers Controls and Bacharach Canada have been proud to provide you with the best in combustion analysis technology. With some of the most reliable units in the market, Bacharach has been the go-to product line for many BC gas fitters.


One of the many advantages of buying a Bacharach unit is that Myers Controls can calibrate it locally, here in the Lower Mainland. This helps to decrease any downtime you may have without your unit. And don't worry, the calibrations are still ceritifed and regonized by the industry, and you still receive a ceritifcate of calibration for your records.


How does it work?

Bring in or send in your unit. We will do a thorough check-up, make a note of sensor dates and expirations, and recommend to you the best course of action to prevent any possible future downtimes (ie: replacing sensors prior to expiration). Then, we will calibrate and repair the unit as needed and agreed to by you. After that, you can pick up your unit or we can ship it back to you.  Standard turn around time is 1-2 weeks.

While we can do minor repairs here, there are times when a unit must be sent to Bacharach. This would include units requiring warranty work and major repairs (such as computer boards and screens).

As always, we look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions about local calibration or any other product and service we provide, please contact one of our sales associates who will be happy to help you.